Paperless process improves efficiency and productivity

Abu Dhabi Department of Transport nets 80 percent efficiency gain with Nintex

The Abu Dhabi Department of Transport (DoT) moved a record 23.3 million people through the Abu Dhabi International Airport in 2015.

To book conference rooms, request visas, change documents and order office supplies, the DoT’s 800-plus staff used an aging internal SharePoint portal. Process approvals required printing paper documents and circulating them through two, sometimes three, approval cycles. In hopes of avoiding the moving paper, staff turned to email, phone, and in-person conversations. However, this unstructured process caused unintentional errors, as a frustrated team wasted time hunting down the location and status of important documents. As a result, productivity suffered.

The DoT needed a solution. They turned to Nintex partner Emitac to update their SharePoint server, develop a more flexible intranet portal, and increase efficiencies with a paperless solution. As a result, the DoT was able to replace manual approval forms with an automated digital workflow. With their new Nintex solution, follow-up approvals that once took seven business days began to take only three days or less.

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The Department of Transport for Abu Dhabi employs more than 800 people and ensures the safe flow of passengers and freight throughout Abu Dhabi.

Business Situation

The Department of Transport for Abu Dhabi wanted to improve productivity and efficiency by replacing manual processes reliant on an aging intranet portal, emails, and paper documents.


The Department of Transport for Abu Dhabi uses Nintex digital workflow automation to improve efficiency, control spend, reduce errors, and enhance productivity. The new system promotes a paperless response for change orders, visa requests, meeting room reservations, and office supply orders.

Employees quickly trusted the new, electronic environment because of its ease of use and intuitive interface, which made for an easy transition and rapid business improvement for the DoT.

Now, employees help drive change. They bring their own ideas for automating more processes, enabling the DoT to realize even bigger efficiency gains.


80% efficiency gain with a single digital workflow
More than 40% cut in processing time, reducing approval from 7 to 3 business days
Controlled spending reduces costs on office supply spending

The impact of Nintex has been immediate on our business and continues to improve as employees drive more process improvements by way of the workflow platform."

Saed Taqab, Department of Transport, United Arab Emirates,techno-functional consultant