Digital workflow automation saves Adventist Health System $100,000 per year

Adventist Health System’s IT department maintains systems that provide a secure, effective and integrated patient care delivery system in its many hospital campuses. It’s no small task: the department provides new staff everything from necessary computer equipment to business cards.

The order process was complex and time-consuming. Paper request forms, verbal requests and an inevitable flurry of follow-up emails wasted time and caused multiple errors. As a result, computer equipment was not always delivered on time, and business cards were not always as accurate as they could be.

Adventist Health System needed to free up IT staff’s time to allow them to focus on other important tasks.

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Products used by Adventist Health System

Adventist Health System is a faith-based hospital system with more than 78,000 employees. With 44 award-winning facilities across 10 states, it serves more than 4.7 million patients annually.

Business Situation

The verbal and email ordering system at Adventist Health System required time-consuming communications to confirm details for new equipment and business card requests.


Digital workflow automation streamlined the order process, reducing errors by 50 percent and saving up to two hours of IT staff processing time on more than 700 orders per year.

Digital procurement process reduces errors by 50 percent

After making this decision, Adventist Health System chose Nintex Workflow automation because of its seamless integration with SharePoint. With the new process, non-technical end users could start their order with a click on the SharePoint ribbon, similar to other simple processes they were familiar with.

Teams at Adventist Health System now use digital workflows to easily view and track orders to completion. Nintex Workflow speeds the process along without the previous system’s time-consuming overhead.

As a result, they’ve reduced the cost and gained up to two hours of staff time on every equipment and business card order, saving Adventist Health System more than $100,000 per year.


Savings of $100,000 per year
50% reduction in errors
IT staff saved one to two hours for each processed request

We are currently using more than 175 workflows. With Nintex Workflow, we’re able to not only streamline business processes, but refine and perfect what used to be flawed orders."

Vinni Sharma, Adventist Health System,web team manager