Braunton Capital banks on Nintex for Office 365

Streamlining onboarding and increasing efficiency

Braunton Capital was founded to target the largely underserved market for IT software and hardware asset finance in Australia. Onboarding channel partners, and generating and managing quotes were time consuming processes due to the need to send spreadsheets and contact forms back and forth.

Unfortunately, Braunton Capital employees would often have to chase down the forms that had not been returned, taking time away from other projects. Spending more time on administration than sales, Braunton Capital discovered they were losing business by not closing as many deals as possible.

Braunton Capital now uses Nintex to automate workflows, including onboarding resellers, generating quotes, approving documents and creating invoices. Using onboarding workflows, the company delivers customized onboarding forms to resellers within minutes of talking to them, eliminating a delay of several days.

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Products used by Braunton Capital
  • Nintex Workflow for Office 365
  • Nintex Forms for Office 365
  • Nintex Mobile
Braunton Capital facilitates IT vendor/OEM finance programs, for both channel partner and end-customer funding.

Business Situation

Braunton Capital’s principals wanted to grow their business and revenue—without growing their expenses.


Braunton Capital streamlined processes, saved time and ultimately revenue increased when the company implemented Nintex to automate key business processes, such as customer onboarding, self-service client portal updates and document approvals.

Workflow automation for uptake rate perfection

With a Nintex workflow automation solution, Braunton Capital doubled its uptake rate on onboarding resellers, from 50 percent to a perfect 100 percent. Nintex-based workflows enable Braunton Capital to manage 50 resellers—an extraordinary 1,000 percent increase over the five resellers the company used to manage using manual phone and email processes.

“With Nintex, we have tremendous room to grow our revenue—without growing our expenses,” Director Steven Smith says.


Expands reseller channel by 10x 
Reduces process development time and cost by 90%
Boosts customer service and competitive advantage

Nintex is a brilliant product. We’re blown away with what it can do. It enables us to do stuff that our competitors can’t even contemplate. We deliver solutions in one-tenth of the time and cost of outsourcing development. We couldn’t be as successful any other way."

Ian Buswell, Braunton Capital,director