CONCO saves $800,000 annually with Nintex

Increasing credibility with existing clients and attracting new ones, all thanks to workflow

Designing and installing high-voltage power lines and substations in rural areas means the danger of electrocution is always present. As such, keeping employees up-to-date on their certifications could be a matter of life or death.

In addition to the physical dangers, working in remote areas in Africa challenges CONCO, a subsidiary of Consolidated Infrastructure Group Limited (CIGL), because employees install the very thing they need to do business—electricity.

When chief information officer Bryan Kimmel first joined CONCO, connectivity and the dangers of electrocution weren’t his only concerns. At the time, the company used file servers and folders to track more than 300 tenders a year. In addition, securing new projects meant providing proof of the required certifications for any employees slated to do work. 

While Kimmel considered other workflow options, three things made him choose Nintex: ease of use, visual interface, and its high value. Plus, with employees working in areas with limited connectivity, Kimmel appreciated features of Nintex Mobile.

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Founded in 1986, CONCO is a subsidiary of Consolidated Infrastructure Group Limited (CIGL). CONCO creates turnkey high-voltage solutions for the electricity supply industry.

Business Situation

CONCO needed to shift from manual-laden permission processes and reporting when serving areas with unreliable electrical and Internet infrastructure. In addition, they also needed to build in reliable speed for employees in well-served areas.


From important events, to employee onboarding and line-of-business operations, Nintex provides the auditability and accountability demanded by the power industry, while simultaneously helping CONCO continue to grow its business.

Automated workflows improve accuracy, save labor

Nintex solutions save CONCO more than 5,000 hours of labor each year and help prevent permission mistakes. This leap in speed and accuracy gives CONCO a competitive edge, increasing credibility with existing clients and attracting new ones.

“We’ve become more active in enhancing processes, speed-to-delivery of our processes, and speed-to-delivery against our audit processes,” Kimmel says. “It’s becoming the differentiator with our clients. They know that we have information at our fingertips and that we’re able to record and retrieve it so much quicker than most of our competitors.”


Saving more than $800,000 annually
20% increase in efficiency of managing tenders
Saves the company more than 5,000 work hours per year

Without Nintex, we’d find it incredibly difficult to continue doing business the way we do at the moment. Nintex helps satisfy our clients and support our employees with the processes needed to be a leader in our industry."

Bryan Kimmel, CONCO,chief information officer