Oil company automates brand management to improve efficiency by 50 percent

Digital workflow automation for brand assets

As a growing oil and gas producer in Europe where dozens of companies fiercely compete in the market, Grupa LOTOS realized the importance of raising  brand awareness. The company wanted to establish a consistent brand identity, including a logo and brand voice, that would express the essence of the rapidly expanding firm.

The complexity of Grupa LOTOS – a combination of 14 companies in Poland, Norway and Lithuania – made the previous paper-based brand management system of 48 printed brand identity books impossible to manage. The books changed frequently, so in addition to being a management nightmare, this manual process meant the problem of endlessly rising paper costs. In addition, marketing and sales opportunities included a wide range of partners and customers in dozens of different countries. 

Once the company landed on a unified brand identity, it needed to put brand assets in digital form, where customers, partners and employees – the people who would help broadcast the brand messaging to the world – could easily assess these assets. That’s where Nintex came in.

Grupo Lotos
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Products used by Grupa Lotos
One of the most advanced and youngest refineries in Europe and second largest producer of fuels in Poland, LOTOS Group comprises 14 companies operating under the LOTOS brand.

Business Situation

Oil and gas company Grupa LOTOS needed a fast, efficient and user-friendly way to manage brand asset requests that are made by internal and external partners in a broad range of situations.


With Nintex, the company created a digital version of its brand style guidelines that helped efficiently communicate and manage partners, customers and employees who use its brand assets.

Improved access to brand assets and guidelines

Implementation has made it easy for employees to gain online access to brand elements in different contexts. The brand style guide now contains about 50,000 files in 2,500 directories. More than 100 internal users access the guide currently. Partners, companies and other users have flexible management of access and site permissions. The company estimates that up to 30 percent of time is saved through digital storage and archiving.


30% savings through digital storage and archiving
$20,000 per year cost savings on printing costs
More than 50% less time spent by employees managing brand communications

This modern, innovative solution, which is unique in Poland, serves as a channel for our brand communications policy, and significantly improves our management of the brand elements with our internal and external partners."

Miroslaw Bialos, Brand Specialist atGrupa