Municipality of Al-Methnab Increases Tracking and Transparency with Nintex Workflow

Projected Efficiency Savings Expected to Exceed 70 Percent

Serving more than 80,000 citizens and governmental staff requires tracking thousands of documents and processes. Since these paper-intensive processes consumed a significant amount of governmental employees’ time, the Municipality turned to RAMZ, its IT operations and implementation contractor, to build a document management system with Microsoft SharePoint. In turn, RAMZ engaged Nintex partner, Orchidasoft to craft a customized enterprise resource planning (ERP) system with integrated portals and Nintex Workflow. The system, named ‘GRP’ or government resource planning, directly fulfilled requirements across the board: Government protocols and a UI completely in Arabic.

With the additional need to comply with governmental regulations, only Nintex Workflow ranked as the product of choice to deliver efficient services to both employees and citizens.

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Products used by Municipality of Al-Methnab

The Municipality of Al-Methnab governs more than 80,000 people in Al-Qassim, one of the wealthiest regions in Saudi Arabia.

Business Situation

The Municipality wanted to streamline internal and citizen processes, and increase efficiencies by creating a custom ERP system that adhered to governmental requirements.


Nintex Workflow enabled an employee and citizen self-service portals with more than 35 eServices.

Delivering An Optimal User Experience And Real-Time Notifications

Previously, citizens submitting applications for government services didn’t know the status of their application until the Municipality approved or declined it. With Nintex Forms and Nintex Workflow at the helm, citizens can now use the e-services and follow up on the status of their applications at any point in the process.

Enabling people and systems to be better connected, Nintex has been integrated with SADAD, the Saudi governmental payment portal where citizens pay associated fees for governmental services.

Leveraging Nintex Workflow’s capability of automatically storing documents in designated SharePoint lists and libraries, the Municipality now easily keeps track of all financial records in a timely manner.

Staff rave about the Nintex solution. Tasks that once took weeks now only take a full day. They offer positive feedback on several appreciated benefits. Better task management. Quicker response times. Record-level productivity and performance. Staff accomplish so much more and still make it home to their families.

As is practice across Saudi Arabia, the Municipality outsources the majority of IT needs to companies that provide on-site and/ or remote assistance. Due to the success of this project, RAMZ’s working relationship with the Municipality has grown stronger and the IT contractor plans to create additional Nintex workflows to more rapidly provide public services to its citizens.


Requests completed in a day instead of seven business days
Increased efficiency by 70%
Enhanced results for document archival and compliance

Nintex makes my life easier.

Nasser Ebaid, System Analyst, RAMZ (IT contractor for the Municipality of Al-Methnab)