Human resources efficiency improved by 70 percent for chemical company with Nintex Workflow

Implementation of digital workflows puts company on the path to full ROI

In 2012, the State of Qatar created the Qatar Chemical and Petrochemical Marketing and Distribution Company, Muntajat, which manages the marketing, sales and distribution of 10 million tons of chemicals and petrochemicals to 120 countries. Muntajat’s goals included reducing lead times and enhancing customer experience, which meant streamlining business processes. 

The State of Qatar requires an employer letter to leave the country, open a bank account or admit a child to school. If a worker leaves the country for training, he or she must file a report detailing course content and the business purpose of the trip after returning to work. To do so, employees used paper-based forms. By necessity, tracking was manual, with lots of back and forth that took up time and was prone to human error. 

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Products used by Muntajat
Muntajat’s 250 employees provide sales and marketing services supporting the export of 10 million tons of chemicals and petrochemical products from Qatar to 120 countries.

Business Situation

Frustrated with manual approvals and a challenging SAP interface, Muntajat sought to streamline and eliminate paper-based and partially digitized processes.


Nintex digital workflow automation improved processes by streamlining form choice and automating approvals. Muntajat now saves time and money through web-based integration with SAP for overtime, leave and expense requests.

Nintex forms and workflow automation: hassle-free

Muntajat turned to Nintex to improve accuracy and efficiency. With Nintex digital workflow automation, employees can trust they’re using the most up to date forms. Drawing on Nintex’s SAP integration, the form automatically fills in important employee information. Now, everything is automated – from leave requests, exit permits and travel authorization, to expense and overtime requests.

The HR department increased efficiency by 70 percent and accuracy by 200 percent. The right information is now being entered into the right form, reaching the right person with the appropriate travel documentation both locally and overseas.


200% increase in accuracy
70% increase in efficiency
Full ROI expected in less than two years 

Nintex is one of the leading workflow automation engines based on SharePoint that is available in the market. It became our lead choice to have in Muntajat — and it is very cost-effective."

Zeeshan Asadullah Asad, Muntajat,business applications specialist