New Belgium Brewing Co. decreases time to launch new products with workflow automation

Simplifying product launches through SharePoint automation

Launching a new beer involves multiple departments, dozens of employees and several processes at New Belgium Brewing Co. For each launch, 100 of its 570 employees are involved with the tasks necessary for a beer launch. Relying alone on email communication and SharePoint to track tasks slowed down the launch schedule, something that New Belgium Brewing Co. can’t risk when competitors are always entering the market.

“We had to be more dialed in,” Tye Eyden, collaboration business analyst at New Belgium Brewing Co. says. “We couldn’t just be working in email and have communication gaps. There’s too much stuff to coordinate with artwork, brewing, packaging, securing raw materials and all the other components in getting beer out the door. We’d leaned on SharePoint; we didn’t have that workflow component.”

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Started in 1991, New Belgium Brewing Co. has become the fourth largest craft brewer in the United States. The company’s most popular brews include Ranger IPA and Fat Tire amber ale, inspired by the co-founder’s bike trip through Europe.

Business Situation

New Belgium Brewing Co. planned new product releases through email and meetings. SharePoint couldn’t handle everything they needed. The brewery didn’t want communication gaps to limit its success.


Integrating Nintex Workflow for SharePoint, the company implemented workflows for the coordination and scheduling of new brew releases, guaranteeing that no details are missed and that New Belgium Brewing Co. can respond quickly to market trends.

Digital workflow automation eliminates ad hoc email processes

New Belgium Brewing Co. realized workflow automation was the answer. After researching options, the company decided on Nintex and now uses Nintex Workflow to automate all the processes for new beers and new packaging. With Nintex, they can easily and quickly track the myriad details of releasing new beers into the marketplace.

“We saved days, weeks, sometimes months per beer,” Eyden says. “It’s time we have back in our day to refine the solution. We could not react to the marketplace, financially and efficiency-wise, without timing beer launches right. With this process, we are more reactive to the market and quicker in our decision-making.”


Saved time (days, weeks and sometimes months) on launch planning
Boosted productivity
Decreased production errors

Nintex helped us be a better brewery…. It saved us time. It saved us a ton of money. It saved us a ton of effort."

Tye Eyden, New Belgium Brewing Co.,collaboration business analyst