Premier Oil increases efficiency and safety compliance with Nintex

Protecting information while speeding data retrieval process

Premier Oil Vietnam employs up to 100 contractors and vendors offshore. It is important these engineers, line workers, painters, divers can access relevant Premier Oil documents. However, document management was a complicated and time-consuming process and the company needed to ensure security of proprietary information.

They knew there was room to improve this slow and unnecessarily complex process. IT partner Appvity was contracted to help overhaul the existing system with SharePoint and Nintex.

Leveraging Nintex to build a document management and security solution, the new system now generates automated document numbering and improves filing and retrieval of documents. Document control and an easy-to-access master control list makes much more sense to the end users. Document numbers are also auto-generated, increasing efficiency, alleviating potential confusion and freeing up the document controller for more value-adding work.

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Products used by Premier Oil
Premier Oil is a leading FTSE 250 independent exploration and production company with oil and gas interests in the North Sea, South East Asia, Pakistan, the Falkland Islands, Africa and Brazil.

Business Situation

Premier Oil needed to increase document security and automation of developing and delivering documents. As they expand, efficiency and safety maintenance is key.


SharePoint and Nintex configured for automatic generation of request forms, documents, document numbers, notifications, Lazy Approval, and tracking.

Document permissions give Premier Oil greater control

The new system additionally allows managers to check where a document is in any given process as well as who is accessing a specific version, all of which improves security and operational assurance.

Information Management Coordinator, Pham Nguyen Cuong, says “For me a real selling point about the Nintex solution is its ability to set and change permissions for every document flowing through the system”. For example, a welding lead on Premier Oil’s offshore facility can view the engineering plans for his work, but is not able to open a financial statement, even if he receives it by accident. This prevents information from being passed, by accident or design, to a competing interest or media outlet.


Improved time savings from days to hours
Increased efficiency by eliminating confusion
Better tracking leading to increased safety and security 

In the past, simple approvals often took two business days, now the same outcome rarely takes more than a couple of hours."

Binh Nguyen, Appvity,technical program manager