Ufone calls on Nintex to automate workflows across the company

Simplifying internal transactions with Nintex Workflow

Mobile service provider, Ufone, knows how important it is to connect with customers — even when its customers are its 3,000-plus employees.

From deployment teams to human resources, IT, and finance, Ufone employees are each other’s customers, constantly relying on one another to accomplish their work. General Manager of IT Development and Governance Asad Mohsin was charged with implementing solutions that facilitate smooth internal transactions. To save time and increase visibility, Mohsin and his team sought a quick and easy solution they could use to automate workflows across several departments. 

The company chose Nintex because it’s quick to deploy, easy to use and cost-effective.

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Products used by Ufone
A global system for mobile communications, cellular services provider Ufone employs more than 3,500 people and serves 24 million customers – 18 percent of Pakistan’s mobile market.

Business Situation

Although it relies on an ERP solution for core products, Ufone sought an easier-to-implement workflow solution for its human resources/administration, finance, and network management teams.


With Nintex digital workflow automation, Ufone saves 1,000 hours per month by automating manual processes, increases project visibility and efficiency, and enhances user experience.

Nintex Workflow increases efficiency and visibility, and reduces resource consumption

“In terms of process efficiency, the savings have been significant,” Mohsin says.

To begin, the Ufone administration department automated four workflows for processes related to office leases, municipal taxes, rental plans and expenses. The administration department saved 15 working days by shifting information handling from manual processes and email into Nintex automated workflows. In addition, waiver and deposit, a process for the credit and collection department, saves two hours per request on an average of 500 requests per month — a savings of 1,000 hours per month that can be dedicated to other tasks. 

“We have a good number of process workflows so far in Nintex. But honestly, this is just the tip of the iceberg,” Mohsin says.


Saved 1,000 hours per month in waiver and deposit
Increased visibility into projects saves time and improves efficiency
Enhanced user experience 

We want workflows that are dynamic and configurable. With Nintex, this is possible. We have a good number of process workflows so far in Nintex. But honestly, this is just the tip of the iceberg."

Asad Mohsin, Ufone,general manager of IT, development and governance