Nintex turns HR onboarding into a breeze for healthcare leader 

Putting time and talent back into patient care 

Upper Chesapeake Health (UCH) strove to streamline operations to ensure continued high-quality patient care while continuing to grow the organization. However, their process for onboarding new employees and for closing accounts when an employee left the organization took “an inordinate amount of IT staff time and attention,” says Rick Casteel, Vice President of IT. 

“We saw that by automating account creation, deletion and the steps in between, we could ensure that we handle the whole process in a consistent fashion, minimize the risk of human error and free up IT staff for more valuable tasks,” Casteel says.

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Products used by Upper Chesapeake Health
Upper Chesapeake Health is the primary healthcare system in Harford County, Maryland. UCH’s 2,700 team members and 550 medical staff physicians are dedicated to creating the healthiest community in the state.

Business Situation

UCH employee productivity suffered from cumbersome manual processes that slowed operations and made it more challenging to comply with patient privacy and security regulations and accommodate growth.


The organization adopted Nintex, which works with its existing SharePoint solution and gives UCH developers easy-to-use tools to automate time-consuming processes.

Less time on taxing administration, more time on priority work

Using Nintex UCH employees spend fewer hours on labor-intensive tasks such as onboarding. An HR employee takes 10 minutes to fill out a single form and electronically submit it, triggering the new employee’s account, granting hospital access and populating the employee’s SharePoint user profile.

By automating the process, employees have time for other work-related activities. “I can now reassign network administrators from account creation to more strategic tasks that can have a greater positive impact on UCH patrons,” Casteel says. “The more opportunities we give employees to put their time and talents toward patient care, the better we can support the health of our community.” 


Enhanced employee productivity
Improved operational efficiency and transparency
Ease of use

By deploying Nintex, we minimized the time effort, potential for error and frustration that used to be part of getting each new employee to a point of productivity, new employees can get right to work on day one."

Rick Casteel,Vice President of Information Technology